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Crane trucks are mostly composed of hanging systems and winches, and some lift heavy objects through hydraulic systems. Crane truck mainly includes lifting mechanism, luffing mechanism, slewing mechanism, hoisting mechanism, metal structure and automobile chassis. Lifting mechanism is the basic working mechanism of Crane truck, mostly composed of hanging system and winch, and some lifting heavy objects through hydraulic system. The luffing mechanism is only equipped on the jib crane. The amplitude decreases when the boom is raised and increases when it is lowered. There are two types: balanced luffing and unbalanced luffing. The slewing mechanism is used to rotate the boom, and is composed of a driving device and a slewing support structure. The metal structure is the skeleton of the Crane truck. The main load-bearing components such as bridge, boom and gantry can be box structure or truss structure, or web structure, and some can use section steel as supporting beam.


Crane truck is characterized by intermittent movement, that is, the corresponding mechanism of reclaiming, transporting, unloading and other actions in a working cycle is alternately working. Crane truck is becoming more and more widely used in the market. Due to the fact that there are often some accidents when traveling without outriggers and lifting, the traveling speed is also faster than crawler cranes (crawler cranes); the operation is stable, the lifting capacity is large, and the lifting can be carried in a specific range, but the road must be smooth and solid , The tire pressure meets the requirements, and the lifting should not exceed 50cm from the ground; long-distance walking with load is prohibited. In order to ensure the safety of the operation, hoisting operations without hitting the outriggers are basically prohibited in China. Crane truck supporting wire rope varieties include phosphate coated steel wire rope, galvanized steel wire rope and smooth steel wire rope.


As a professional Crane truck manufacturer, SINOTRUK has always insisted on manufacturing high-quality Crane trucks. Sinotruk has always insisted on implementing independent innovation, implementing a technology-leading strategy, and establishing core competitiveness with intellectual property rights. It has the most patents in China's automobile industry. China National Heavy Duty Truck R&D Center is one of the earliest national-level enterprise technology centers in China. It has a testing laboratory certified by the China National Laboratory Accreditation Committee (CNACL), capable of developing and testing complete vehicles, engines, parts, material technology and others Comprehensive R&D and testing capabilities. In processing, experiment and testing, it is equipped with a variety of the most advanced and precise equipment. Among them, the equipment related to engine, vehicle, parts vibration and strength testing has reached the world-class level. The National Engineering Research Center for Heavy Trucks, approved by the state, was inaugurated in 2009 in Sinotruk. Since then, it has been playing a vital role in the development, demonstration, promotion and technical support of China's heavy truck industry.

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