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Prime mover, also known as power machine, is an important driving part of mechanical equipment. Prime mover generally refers to all machinery that uses energy to generate motive power. It is the main source of power needed in modern production and life. According to the energy used, there are heat engines, hydraulic engines, wind engines and electric motors. Prime mover can provide the active power and various losses of the unit, including mechanical losses, electromagnetic losses and so on. The function of the mechanical transmission system is to transmit the movement and power of the Prime mover to the executive member. Therefore, the type of Prime mover and the movement form, movement parameters and movement orientation of the executive member all determine the transmission system plan. The motion design and selection of executive components and Prime mover is to determine the number of executive components, motion forms, motion parameters, and motion coordination relationships according to the proposed working principle and technological action process, and select the appropriate Prime mover type and motion parameters. The matching, thus laying the foundation for the mechanical transmission system design.


Prime mover is divided into the first type Prime mover and the second type Prime mover according to the different energy conversion properties. The first type of Prime mover includes steam engines, diesel engines, gasoline engines, water turbines and gas turbines; the second type of Prime movers includes electric motors, hydraulic motors (hydraulic motors) and pneumatic motors (air motors). According to the energy used, Prime mover is divided into heat engine, hydraulic engine, wind engine and electric motor. Among them, the electric motor is the most commonly used Prime mover in mechanical systems. Compared with other Prime movers, it has more types and models, and is convenient to connect with the machine. It has good speed regulation, starting, braking and reverse control performance, and has high The driving efficiency is high, there is no environmental pollution when working, it is easy to realize remote and automatic control, and can meet the working requirements of most machinery.


As a professional Prime mover manufacturer, SINOTRUK has always insisted on manufacturing high-quality Prime movers. Sinotruk has always insisted on implementing independent innovation, implementing a technology-leading strategy, and establishing core competitiveness with intellectual property rights. It has the most patents in China's automobile industry. China National Heavy Duty Truck R&D Center is one of the earliest national-level enterprise technology centers in China. It has a testing laboratory certified by the China National Laboratory Accreditation Committee (CNACL), capable of developing and testing complete vehicles, engines, parts, material technology and others Comprehensive R&D and testing capabilities. In processing, experiment and testing, it is equipped with a variety of the most advanced and precise equipment. Among them, the equipment related to engine, vehicle, parts vibration and strength testing has reached the world-class level. The National Engineering Research Center for Heavy Trucks, approved by the state, was opened in 2009 in Sinotruk. Since then, it has played a vital role in the development, demonstration, promotion and technical support of China's heavy truck industry.

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